About Us & Our Purpose

Just who is MonkeyshineApparel.com?

MonkeyshineApparel.com is a retail division of Kalisto Design LLC, a family-owned and operated graphic design company based in Moscow, Idaho. 

Here at MonkeyshineApparel.com, we are so excited to be able to bring our line of "life inspired" unique and exclusive creations to the public marketplace through state-of-the-art print-on-demand technology and a world-wide web that lets our customers peruse our offerings from the comfort of their homes.

As graphic designers, our minds are always thinking about designing. It's in our blood. When we're not designing for clients we spend lots of time creating things we just think are fun and cool to create. Crafters know what we're talking about. When you learn how to make a cool new craft item, it's fun and you want to keep making more. But what do you do with all those cool things you make? Well, you find a marketplace to showcase your creations and hope that others will find them just as cool as you do. That is how MonkeyshineApparel.com was born. This website is our farmer's market of graphic design ideas applied to everyday wearables, accessories and home decor products. We hope as you browse our wares you'll find our creations fun, perhaps make you chuckle a bit, and that you will find something you just can't wait to take home!

All designs offered on MonkeyshineApparel.com are unique creations of ours.  We are continually adding new designs and new products to our store. Please check back often for new releases and join our awesome, totally free, rewards program and earn FREE merchandise! Who doesn't like free stuff? And, don't forget to tell your friends about us so they can earn FREE merchandise too! Sign-up for our free newsletter today and get an instant discount coupon!

Ah, and lastly, please join us on Facebook, the place where you're sure to catch all our latest news and announcements. Plus, we'd love to hear your thoughts!